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What is Smart City ?

There is no universally accepted definition of a smart city. It means different things to different people. The conceptualisation of Smart City, therefore, varies from city to city and country to country, depending on the level of development, willingness to change and reform, resources and aspirations of the city residents. A smart city would have a different connotation in India than, say, Europe. Even in India, there is no one way of defining a smart city.

What will be the boundary of the Smart City?

For Retrofitting and Redevelopment options, statutory limits of ULB will be the boundary and for Greenfield development, it can be beyond the city limits, but within the notified planning area of the City.

What is ICCC ?

The Integrated Command and Control Centers are envisaged to be the brain for city operation, exception handling, and disaster management. The sensors and edge devices will capture and generate real time data from various utilities such as water, waste management, energy, mobility, the built environment, education, healthcare and safety. ICCC as a platform through its different layers and components will act as a decision support system (DSS) for city administration to respond to the real time events by consuming data feeds from different data sources and by processing information out of the data sets.

What is ABD ?

Area- based development will transform existing areas (retrofit and redevelop), including slums, into better planned ones, thereby improving liveability of the whole City. New areas (Greenfield) will be developed around cities in order to accommodate the expanding population in urban areas.

What is this Smart City Portal ?

This Smart City Portal acts as a window of communication between the city governance and the citizens of Tiruchirappalli.

How I can as citizen use this Smart City Portal ?

On this Portal, you can get the latest communication from the Smart City governance team in the form of news, polls, events, etc.

As a Citizen, you can participate in the city governance by utilizing the Grievance/ Complaints management system. Please keep visiting this page as more and more services are introduced.

Do I need to register to this website for utilizing the citizen services?

While as a citizen, you can access all the information such as news, events, etc. without registering with the Smart City Portal, we encourage you to do so for enabling better governance for you. Also, some services like grievance / complaint management can be used only if you register with the Portal.

How do I register on this site?

Please visit the “Complaints/ Grievances” section under the “Online Services” menu of Smart City website.

Select the “New User Registration” option and register with a valid mobile number using OTP verification.

Please note down your “User Name” and “Password” for logging in after registration.

How do I raise a Complaint/ Grievance ?

Login to your account under “Complaints/ Grievances” section and fill all the required fields in the form to raise a Complaint/ Grievance. If you are a new user, register and raise the complaint.

What kind of complaints can I raise?

You can register a new complaint under the following categories:

i. Encroachment
ii. Public Health & Solid Waste Management
iii. Roads & Drainage
iv. Street Light Maintenance
v. Water Supply

How can I see the status of the complaint/ grievance raised?

After logging in under the “Complaints/ Grievances” section, you can view the list of complaints/ grievance raised so far and their status.

Where do I raise service request ?

Please visit “All Other Services” section under the “Online Services” menu of Smart City website.

Where do I see the public news and recent tenders ?

Please visit “Public News” and “Recent Tenders” sections at the bottom of the Smart City website.

How do I get in touch with the Smart City team?

Please send your questions to info@smarttrichy.in
The Smart City team monitors this email account on a regular basis.