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e-District Services:

e-District Revenue Services was implemented as a Pilot taluk in Srirangam Taluk on 13.06.2014. It had been rolled out in Phased Manner for other Taluks . Entire District became online from 01-01-2015. Now 20 revenue services have been incorporated in eDistrict project. They are

  1. Community Certificate
  2. Nativity / Residence Certificate
  3. Income Certificate
  4. No Graduate Certificate
  5. Deserted Women Certificate
  6. Agricultural Income Certificate
  7. Small / Marginal Farmer’s Certificate
  8. Inter-caste Marriage Certificate
  9. Widow Certificate
  10. Unemployment Certificate
  11. Family Migration Certificate
  12. Certificate for the loss of Educational Records due to the Disasters
  13. No Male Child Certificate
  14. Unmarried Certificate
  15. Legal Heir Certificate
  16. Solvency Certificate
  17. Residence Certificate
  18. License under Pawn Broker Act
  19. Money Lender License
  20. Other Backward Community Certificate

e-District Social Welfare Scheme has been rolled out in all 14 blocks on 16-04-2015. There are 7 schemes included in eDistrict Social Welfare. They are :

  1. MoovalurRamamirthamAmmaiyarNinaivu Marriage
  2. AnnaiTerasaAmmaiyarNinaivu Orphan Girl Marriage
  3. EVR ManiammaiyarNinaivu Widow Daughter Marriage
  4. DharmambalAmmaiyarNinaivu Widow Re-Marriage
  5. Dr.Muthulakshmi Reddy NinaivuIntercaste Marriage
  6. Girl Child Protection Scheme – I
  7. Girl Child Protection Scheme – II

Online Patta Transfer was rolled out in Tiruchirappalli District on 01-04-2015.

  1. Tamilnilam – Involving Subdivision (Rural)
  2. Tamilnilam – Not Involving Subdivision(Rural)
  3. Tamilnilam – Joint Patta Transfer(Rural)
  4. Tamilnilam – Involving Subdivision(Urban)
  5. Tamilnilam – Not Involving Subdivision(Urban)
S.NoDepartmentName of the serviceService charges including service tax (Rs)
1.RevenueCommunity Certificate60
2.RevenueNativity Certificate60
3.RevenueIncome Certificate60
4.RevenueNo Graduate Certificate60
5.RevenueDeserted Woman Certificate60
6.RevenueTamil Nilam – Full Field Patta Transfer60
7.RevenueTamil Nilam – Joint Patta Transfer60
8.RevenueTamil Nilam – Subdivision60
9.RevenueTamil Nilam – Extract of Areg25
10.RevenueTamil Nilam – Extract of Chitta25
11.Social WelfareAnnai Terasa Ammaiyar Ninaivu Orphan Girl Marriage Assistance scheme120
12.Social WelfareGirl Child Protection Scheme- I120
13.Social WelfareGirl Child Protection Scheme- II120
14.Social WelfareDharmambal Ammaiyar Ninaivu Widow Re-marriage Assistance scheme120
15.Social WelfareDr. Muthulakshmi Reddy Ninaivu Intercaste Marriage Assistance scheme120
16.Social WelfareEVR Maniammaiyar Ninaivu Widow Daughter Marriage Assistance scheme120
17.Social WelfareMoovalur Ramamirtham Ammaiyar Ninaivu Marriage Assistance scheme120
18.TN Police DepartmentCSR Status15
19.TN Police DepartmentFIR Status15
20.TN Police DepartmentOnline Complaint Registration25
21.TN Police DepartmentStatus Viewing15
22.TN Police DepartmentVehicle Search15
23.RevenueAgricultural Income Certificate60
24.RevenueFamily Migration Certificate60
25.RevenueUnemployment Certificate60
26.RevenueWidow Certificate60
27.RevenueCertificate for Loss of Educational Records60
28.RevenueInter-caste Marriage certificate60
29.RevenueLegal Heirship Certificate60
30.RevenueOther Backward Class(OBC) certificate60
31.RevenueResidence Certificate60
32.RevenueSmall / Marginal Farmer Certificate60
33.RevenueSolvency Certificate60
34.RevenueNo Male Child Certificate60
35.RevenueUnmarried Certificate60
36.RevenueLicense under Pawn Broker Act60
37.RevenueMoney Lender’s License60
38.TANGEDCOElectricity Bill Payment
Upto 100015
1001 – 300025
3001 – 500040
5001 – 1000050
10001 and above60
39.Fire & RescueNOC for MSB Planning Permission120
Non – MSB Fire License Registration and Renewal120
NOC for Non – MSB Planning Permission120
MSB Fire License Registration and Renewal120